A café to unleash anger and frustration

Have you ever felt so angry and frustrated that you could just smash something? There’s a cafe in India where you can do just that.


Senin, 20 Nov 2017 10:00 WIB


Shuriah Niazi

India's Bhadas Cafe is a place to unleash frustrations (Photo: Shuriah Niazi)

India's Bhadas Cafe is a place to unleash frustrations (Photo: Shuriah Niazi)

Have you ever felt so angry and frustrated that you could just smash something? I think most of us have known that feeling! Usually, we try and find some other way to deal with our emotions. 

But now, there’s a place where you can do just that. There’s a café in India where you can vent your rage by breaking things. 

In Madhya Pradesh, Shuriah Niazi has the story.

At the Bhadas Café in the city of Indore, and things are flying all over the place. 

Customers are throwing things with all their might. Some are wielding wooden bats, using them to smash tables, chairs, washing machines, wardrobes, cupboards, and fridges. 

They’re wearing helmets and carrying safety kits to avoid injuries. And they’re shouting and screaming as they destroy things.  

Twenty year old Jagriti has come to vent her rage at her neglectful boyfriend. 

“We used to go out together, talk over the phone and have a great time. Now everything has stopped. If I ask him to meet me, he comes up with all kinds of excuses.” 

Then she heard about the Bhadas Café.

“I came here and got rid of all my anger and aggressive feelings towards my boyfriend,” she said. “Now I feel much better.”

There are plenty of reasons that people find themselves here, frustrated and upset. Some are angry with their boss, others with family, friends, or colleagues. 

And there’s a room for every kind of grievance. 

If you’re annoyed with your spouse, or having domestic problems at home, you can smash household items, kitchen utensils and crockery. 

For those nurturing a grudge against their boss or office colleague, there’s an office setup where they can destroy desktop, chair, table and cupboard to pacify themselves.

Vikas Rajoria is an executive, he’s fed up with his boss, and he’s come to the café to find solace. 

“If my boss assigns me 10 jobs and I complete nine of them, he will chide me for not completing one job. He doesn’t appreciate the nine, I work hard, but I’m still made to feel lazy,” Vikas complained. “I feel angry sitting in the office. I can’t break anything there , but here I can. I want to smash office things and furniture.”

Here you can smash TVs, laptops, computers, desks, glassware, just as long as you pay for them as you leave.

And there’s a separate section for those who want to cry, scream or shout. 

Atul Malik Ram, the café’s founder, has long known what it’s like to be overwhelmed by emotions. 

“When I was small my mother hit me when I refused to eat things. My father scolded me for any small mistake. I grew up and started working, and I found the boss was often not pleased with my work,” he said.  “Now I run my own business but the employees aren’t always diligent, and this frustrates me. What I mean is that we cannot escape anger and frustration at any stage of life.”

And so Atul came up with this out-of-the-box idea: To turn a café into a place where people can release their anger without hurting anyone. 

“Whether you are a boss or an employee, a child or a grown up, situations arise every day in your life which make you angry. I’m an ordinary person and there are others like me. I decided to do something to help people get rid of their anger, and the Bhadas Café took shape.”

Atul seems to have tapped into something. The café is attracting a growing crowd every day. 

And for those who have vented all their anger, and just want to chill out, they can do that too.  There’s space to peacefully read a book, listen to music, sip tea, paint, or play a game, as visitors wind down. 



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