A Car That Runs on Water Made in India

In order to fight increasing petrol prices a garage owner in India has modified his car so that it can run on water.

Kamis, 11 Des 2014 16:11 WIB

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In order to fight increasing petrol prices a garage owner in India has modified his car so that it can run on water.

He says the car energy is created with the help of hydrogen and oxygen and a small tank of water is fitted in the engine of the car.

He claims he is able to drive 75 kilometers on just one liter of water.

In front of Puroshottam Pipaliya’s garage is a petrol station. But he never needs to go there.

This is how he claims he fills up his car…..He takes a drink from the water bottle and then pours the rest into his car.

He says that half a liter of water will be enough to get him back home.

He opens the bonnet to show me how it works.

“This is the device by which the water is broken in to hydrogen and oxygen. This power regulator and battery also help in the process As soon as you put on the engine, with in two minutes the hydrogen gets release and creates the energy. In other hydrogen cars the gas is directly pumped into the car but here the hydrogen comes from water making it very safe.”

"This special device which I have made is divided in two compartments; the smaller one stores the oxygen while the bigger one stores the hydrogen. Do you see that the hydrogen oozing out? ”

We get in and drive.

“It took 15 years for me to develop this technology. The hydrogen does not only increase the fuel efficiency but also the power efficiency.”

Puroshottam takes me to his home in his special car.

His wife Varsha Ben is doing her morning Hindu prayers.

She then prepares tea and tells me how her prays have been answered.

“When he drives his water car, I feel very good. This is all due to the blessings of our God.”

Her son Jignesh Pipaliya helps in the garage.

“I want to see my father’s invention come to the market. It will relieve people from the increasing price of fuel.  His invention is unique.”

But Puroshottam faces a problem in terms of selling cars like this--- In India hydrogen cars are illegal.  The government is concern about safely. 

“In India the manufacturing of Hydrogen car is yet not permissible. As my car engine runs only on fresh hydrogen so a special approval is required. I am eagerly waiting for this, once I get it then all the people will be able to run their vehicles on water.”

Next year international car manufacturer Toyota is releasing a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle.

In the United Kingdom a network of 15 hydrogen filling stations will be in place by the end of 2015 as part of major investment by the Government in the technology.

Puroshottam has patented his invention in Germany.

He is sure that his inventions may have far-reaching effects on the automobile industry at home and abroad.

“My dream is that my technology should extend worldwide. It will improve the economy of the world.”


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