Asia Calling Program on 25 June 2016

Film censorship in Delhi. Balinese unite in their opposition to overdevelopment and the latest big business tourism proposal. Disappearances in China. President Duterte inaugurated in the Philippines.


Senin, 27 Jun 2016 11:03 WIB


Kate Lamb

Asia Calling Program on 25 June 2016

Strange disappearances, racy political gossip and bizarre confessions on Chinese state TV.

These are all part of the story that unfolded after a Hong Kong publisher mysteriously vanished from his beachside apartment in Thailand last October, leaving bottles of medication and a packet of cigarettes on his desk.

This week on Asia Calling, we dig into the details of that case from Hong Kong, Thailand and Sweden.

We also hear about the development tipping point, as Balinese people unite in opposition to overdevelopment in the island’s South. 

Beyond Bollywood, the fiery film scene in New Delhi.

And the new President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte is inaugurated. 


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