Asia Calling program 12 August 2017

Papuan activist Filep Karma speaks out, as the area faces further human rights violations. In the era of climate change, Australia is preparing a new coal mine, the country's largest-ever.


Senin, 14 Agus 2017 10:29 WIB


Nicole Curby

Asia Calling program 12 August 2017

From Australia, plans to build the country’s biggest ever coal mine have ignited a fierce debate. At stake is the future of one of the country’s best known marine environments, The Great Barrier Reef, and concerns over climate change. 

This week Indonesia prepares to celebrate Indpendence Day – which marks 72 years of freedom from colonial rule.  But in the far east of the country, some Papuans see Indonesia as a kind of colonial power. We speak with former political prisoner and Papuan activist, Filep Karma.

And on the Thai-Myanmar border, we meet refugees who have spent generation living in camps.



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