Job Vacancy: Asia Calling Editor

Full time editor (radio, online) needed to handle a regional program produced in Jakarta.


Selasa, 07 Jul 2015 11:41 WIB



Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy

Asia Calling, KBR’s flagship regional current affairs program is looking to hire a full time editor (radio, online) 

Contract: 1 year in Jakarta 

Starting: mid August 2015


Asia Calling is a non-profit regional current affairs program produce in the studios of Indonesia’s largest independent radio news agency KBR68H.  Asia Calling goes behind the headlines to provide the human face of events taking place across the region—a true window on Asia. The aim is to create high quality, independent and investigative radio journalism across the region.  It also aims to help with inter-country understand and to promote tolerance and positive conflict resolution. We focus on good governance issues, the environment, education, women rights, economic development, cultural changes and profile inspiring groups or individuals who are creating change across the region.  

Asia Calling is heard in 12 countries across Asia from Afghanistan through to East Timor.  We work with independent local media in each country that translates the program into the local language.  In Indonesia the program is a vital source of information for listeners on over 400 radio stations from Papua to Aceh.  Feed-back shows the program is heard by millions of people from high school students to government officials and housewives who gain vital information about the region they live in and learn from neighbouring countries about how to solve common problems.

KBR68H was established in April 1999, soon after the end of three decades of authoritarian rule which also signaled an end to restrictions on the production of radio news.

KBR68H, Indonesia’s only independent national radio news agency, is a unique initiative to assist Indonesia’s transition to democracy by facilitating open and informed discussion among millions of people throughout the archipelago. Simply by tuning into their favorite local radio station, millions of Indonesians from across the political, economic and social spectrum can engage in radio debates and, in doing so, have an impact on key issues affecting their lives.

It quickly developed as a relatively low cost and effective tool for citizen participation in public life. Today, KBR68H produces 8 hours a day of information and education based programming to 900 radio stations in Indonesia and nine countries across Asia. With 10 million regular listeners in Indonesia alone, it is by far the biggest radio network in the country.

KBR68H is a pioneer in the production of in-depth and investigative radio programs, a genre otherwise largely undeveloped in Indonesia. Its Indonesian language SAGA radio program regularly takes listeners on an audio journey around the country as it addresses a wide range of topics largely untouched by other Indonesian media. SAGA reports have won numerous Indonesian awards for the high quality of their journalism.

Since 2003, KBR68H has produced a weekly hour-long regional current affairs program, Asia Calling, the only one of its kind on Indonesian radio. Asia Calling covers a wide range of stories that highlight the political, economic, social and cultural diversity of the region. With thirty correspondents scattered across Asia, Asia Calling goes behind the headlines to show how major developments are affecting people’s lives, providing nuanced and carefully balanced insights into stories that are often largely missed by other media.

Produced in English, as of June 2013, Asia Calling is translated into 9 Asian languages and broadcast by 385 radio stations throughout the region. Asia Calling features have won a number of domestic awards and in 2009, Asia Calling correspondent Elise Potaka was co-winner of the Asia Pacific Environmental Journalism Award for her series called, "The Murky World of Coal Mining in China". 

Job tasks: 

  1. Produce a 30 min weekly radio feature program 
  2. Run training sessions in best practice journalism for journalists from across Indonesia and the region 
  3. Manage the up to date website. 
  4. Hold off air events and forums on regionally important topics such as the Islam and democracy, the changes taking place in Burma and the united ASEAN community. 

Selection criteria:

  • Bachelor degree in communications (journalism), work experience in radio journalism
    1. Broadcast journalism experience — volunteering or internships are fine
    2. Excellent written and spoken English and good Indonesian
    3. Good broadcast voice and journalism instinct
    4. Excellent knowledge of Asian politics and cultural make-up
    5. Knowledge of radio editing software
    6. Commitment to team work, coaching, and mentoring others
    7. Awareness and sensitivity of cross-cultural settings
    8. Patience, tolerance and flexibility
    9. Ability to cope with cultural isolation and a different standard of living
    10. A preparedness to work with limited resources within a challenging environment. 

    Desired skills:

    1. A dynamic and skilled journalist who has experience in broadcast media and has excellent knowledge about Asian politics, culture and history.   
    2. A team player who able to multi-task and lead a team of journalist.  Needs excellent inter-personal skills and very high quality broadcast writing skills.

    To apply please send a CV and a cover letter addressing the selection criteria to and cc to: with the subject EDITOR JOB APPLICATION 


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