New Museum Keeping Munir

The Museum features items belonging to him as well as those related to his still unresolved death and cases he was working on.


Sabtu, 14 Des 2013 13:51 WIB

New Museum Keeping Munir

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A museum built in honor of Indonesian human rights activist Munir Said Thalib was officially open this week.

Munir’s wife, Suciwati officially opens the Indonesia’s first human rights museum—Omah Munir.

She hopes that it will inspire young people to fighting against Injustice in the same way her husband did.

“We can't and won't let this happen again. The aim of the museum is so we never forget and to create a generation of dedicated young people who have strong morals.”

Visitors to museum can see Munir’s battered brown sneakers, bulletproof vests, and a desk he used when he worked at the Surabaya Legal Aid Foundation where he first began his career.

On the walls are the details of the human rights cases take on by Munir. Include  the murder of female labor activist Marsinah in 1994; and advocacy for victims of human rights abuses by the military in East Timor.

Danang Raharjo lives near the museum and says he is learning a lot from his visit…

“Most common people don’t know anything about these cases. But now we have a museum on this. We hope that these cases can be solved.”

Munir's death is also unresolved case. He was poisoned with arsenic on board a Garuda Indonesia flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam.

Pollycarpus Budihari Priyanto, an off-duty Garuda pilot, was convicted of the murder.

Munir’s supporters, say he was just a pawn in the scheme, and that the real masterminds behind the plot were never touched.

In 2008, State Intelligence Agency (BIN) deputy chairman Muchdi Purwoprandjono went on trial for allegedly ordering the murder, but was later acquitted.

Suciwati hopes the new museum would prompt renewed public scrutiny into Munir’s death…

“The law enforcement system is going no where, there’s not much we can do. But we can still shout for justice and for the truth. What is more important is that the values that Munir believed in stay alive.”

The money to build the museum came from the profits of this benefit concert held by singer and song writer Glenn Fredly.

He created this song “Ksatria Cinta” or “Love Warrior” in honour of Munir.

“To me Omah Munir museum is a learning center for the Indonesian and international community. Omah Munir is more than just a museum, but it’s also a cultural center. We can see it as some kind of a playground to learn and know more about Munir.”

Uni Ruchul Jannah from the Malang Corruption Watch says they will use the museum to hold events…..

“We plan to have monthly event at the museum. We will work together with theatre groups in local university to have regular performance there. And for people who visit the museum, we will prepare a charity box… so it’s some kind of public fund raising too.”

Suciwati hopes that her late husband Munir will continue inspire young people to fight against injustice….

“The young generation will continue Munir’s legacy… his fight, his humbleness, his truthfulness… those are the things that we have to continue. And when the young generation leads the country with his values… there will be many great people like Munir too.”


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