Indian House of Surrogates

Commercial surrogacy is estimated to be worth more than 1 billion US dollars a year in India.


Senin, 15 Sep 2014 16:00 WIB


Jasvinder Sehgal

Indian House of Surrogates

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Commercial surrogacy is estimated to be worth more than 1 billion US dollars a year in India. 

While pregnant, some surrogate mothers live in dormitories - which critics call “baby factories”. 

They give childless couples the family they have longed for, but what is it like for the women who carry someone else's child for money?

Afsana Khan is craving for chilli... 

She is over eight months pregnant with twins. 

”The food given to us is simple so we add this chilli paste to it.”

Afsana is one of 85 women now living at this hostel in Anand.

While they are carrying someone else’s baby they have to stay here. 

Afsana’s two children are only allowed to first once a week. She says she is doing for the money.

”My husband borrowed heavy loans to open a shop. I’m doing this to pay back the money.”

She has met once the couple whose baby she is carrying. 

"They are Americans who live in Dubai. They are Christians. They will come next month to take the children. They were married 17 years ago but haven’t been able to have children.”

She has been promised around 6 thousand dollars for the first child and an additional 1500 dollars for the second baby. 

She says her relatives and neighbors don’t approve of her making money this way.   

"They say this is the worst kind of work a woman can do. They talk rubbish about me but I don’t care. They are not the ones paying me.”

Dr Nayla Patel and her husband are the ones paying. 

They run the Akansha Fertility Clinic for 10 years now. 

She says she’s not exploiting poor surrogate mothers in the clinic. 

“Baby factory or rent a womb are derogative words. I call this as donation of the womb to give gift of children. These surrogates are donating their wombs for the needy and helpless mothers.”

The clinic has couples from over 40 countries – UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and also from small countries like Angloa and Slovakia.

In total, they have delivered nearly 800 babies to date. 

While the woman are here... they can’t work or have their families come and live with them. 

The center pays for their food and health care costs and runs training courses for them like this one... 

Maduri Ben is a vocational trainer at the Surrogate House. 

“I teach them how to do threading, waxing, hair cutting, manicure, pedicure, facial, bleach and waxing. When the women complete their three months of pregnancy then I teach thm the finer details of hair style and make up.”

They also taught sewing and are given a sewing machine when they leave. 

It’s an attractive offer for many poor women like Kamla Ben. 

“My husband is giving all kind of problems to me. He is an alcoholic and beats me. I want to be a surrogate for myself and for the sake of my children.”


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