In India, A Temple Dedicated to Worship... Motorcycle

Hundreds of devotees come here every day to send prayers for the bike and its owner.


Senin, 15 Sep 2014 16:01 WIB


Jasvinder Sehgal

In India, A Temple Dedicated to Worship... Motorcycle

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Kala Saini is singing lullaby for her 8-month-old daughter... 

The baby girl was born after the couple has been married for eight years. 

Kala says the baby is her wish came true after praying at the Om Banna temple... 

The temple is built along the busy highway... famous for its fatal accidents…. And it’s dedicated to worship a motorbike and his dead owner, Om Banna. 

The shrine has the motorbike inside a glass box... with a photo of the owner.... 

Pug Singh has been looking after the shrine for the last two decades. 

“In the year 1991, Om Banna was returning home on his motorcyle when he suddenly hit a tree. He was killed on the spot. After his death, the motorbike was taken to a local police station. But on the next day, it was found again back at the accident point. The police thought it as a prank, so they took the bike to the police station again. But on the following day, the same thing happened... Om Banna came into the dream of his father and requested him to build a temple for her.”

People who visit the shrine sing folk songs in the name of Om Banna and offer prayers to the bike. 

Legend says paying your respect here at the temple will ensure a safe travel says one visitor, Kala Saini. 

“If they don't honk the horn, they will definitely meet an accident and will never reach their destination.”

Nirbhay Singh Rathod and his wife travelled over 100 miles to pray here. 

He wants her son to get married soon... 

“It all depends upon your faith and belief. I believe in the Motorcycle God and the holy spirit. I come here to invite the holy spirit to my son’s marriage.”

Near the shrine, there’s a tree covered with some offerings… like coconut, sweets, flowers…

Many visitors tie strings around the tree and put their wishes there.. in a hope that their wishes will come true.. 

Rukmani Devi sells the strings to customers. 

“The motorcycle driver died after hitting this tree... So when you tie a wish band on the same tree, your wishes will come true.”

Truck driver Rishpal Singh is now a regular visitor to the temple. 

“One of my friend's vehicles got punctured and his vehicle was jammed --- it must be because he didn’t pray here. The motorcycle god had helped him.” 

For Kala Saini, praying at the motorbike shrine has changed their life... 

She now plans to bring her baby daughter to the temple someday... 

“I will come here again but this time with my full family. But the Motorcycle God should fulfill my wish. “


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