Bill Clinton Visits School Kitchen, Serves Food to Students

The project by the Akshayapatra Foundation serves free lunches 1.3 million students everyday across the country.


Senin, 15 Sep 2014 15:57 WIB


Jasvinder Sehgal

Bill Clinton Visits School Kitchen, Serves Food to Students

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Former US President Bill Clinton has made an eight-day visit to Asia to tour Clinton foundation- support projects in the region.

His first stop was in India were he served a free-lunch to children at a government school.

At four o clock in the morning this kitchen in Jaipur is a buzz with workers preparing free lunches for around a hundred thousand students.

Today there is a special chef former US president Bill Clinton.

“It’s really important for these kids to stay in the schools and to learn. I love this program. I think it is one of the finest commitments ever made in the history of Clinton Global Initiatives. So I think we should thank all the people. I know what happens- enrollment goes up, drop out goes down, learning improves.”

For the students like Mohan Kumar it’s a special moment.

“Today, I feel great, my dream, has come true. I wanted to meet the President Bill Clinton and am now I have. I feel great but slightly overwhelmed.”

The kitchen run by Akshya Patra Foundation is part of a program set up in 2001 that provides free mid-day meals to more than 1.3 million school children across India.

The goal is to increase school enrollment, attendance, as well as improving overall health in children.

The Principal of one of the schools involved, Seema Parashar, says it has had a dramatic impact.

“These two girls are from very poor families and often they come to school without eating anything.  In the past their parents were reluctant to send them to school but the free lunches now available have changed that.  They are now healthy and have the energy to play sports with the other children.”

Bill Clinton foundation has committed to paying for 220 Million School Lunches Every Year and to give an 7 million US dollars to the Akshaya Patra school lunch program in India. 

Bill Clinton says he wants to see the program reach 5 million students by 2020.

12 years old Amrit Bairva says Clinton also passed on a message to him.

“He patted on my shoulder and wished me all the best and inspired me to move ahead for a prosperous future. He said that I should dream big to have a dream like future.”


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