Tokyo's Olympic Bid Success Seen as National Morale Booster

Japan won the Olympic bid.


Sabtu, 14 Sep 2013 13:23 WIB


Sen Lam Radio Australia

Tokyo's Olympic Bid Success Seen as National Morale Booster

Japan, Olympic, Fukushima, nuclear disaster

The International Olympic Committee recently picked Tokyo over Madrid and Istanbul to host the Olympic Games in 2020.

The news sparked celebration in Tokyo, as thousands of people gathered in front of City Hall to welcome the decision.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised that the crisis at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant will not affect the country’s capital.

And Tokyo’s governor vowed the return of the Olympic games will be a sports success and economic boost to the nation.

Sen Lam from Radio Australia talked to Tsuneo Watanabe, director of the Tokyo Foundation about this.

“The Japanese people share the common goal for the nation. I think there's a lot of incentive for the Japanese people and the Japanese government to setup a foundation for the Olympic Games. The good thing is the Olympic Games is an international event, more open-minded outside of the border, they are good things. And of course that's going to be a good economic stimulus, not only for domestic Japan, but clearly the need to open for the visitor from outside of Japan.”
Q. And would you say that winning the Olympic Games it has come at the right time for Japan?
“Yes because this time Japan has somehow stagnated in the economy or even politically.”
Q. And of course after the horrors Fukushima and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, do you think winning the games also will provide some much needed good cheer to the citizens of Japan, to cheer them up a bit?
“Definitely and is of course one of the weak points for Tokyo's Olympic was fear for the water leaking from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. It's also a good opportunity for visitors to visit Japan after such a tragic incident, not only nuclear but also the tsunami and the earthquake.”
Q. What turned the attitude around do you think? What made the Tokyo citizens support the games?
“I think in the previous case the Japanese government committed a lot and made an effort to share with people through media. The other thing is that clearly now the Japanese people are realising we need a common goal to be united as Japanese citizens. I think after the earthquake and the nuclear accident  and some of the uneasy and diplomatic trouble with neighbours.”
Q. The 2020 games will be the fourth time that Japan has hosted the Olympics. Do you think such experience might prove advantageous for Japan in terms of getting the most out of playing host to the games?
“Yes definitely, clearly Japan has an advantage, like energy efficient and cost-efficient and also the soft attitude to the environment to show to the world. At the same time probably need to show security for emergency case and disaster preparations, and will be nice to setup the goals for the Japanese people.”
Q. The games are of course just seven years away, it's not such a long time. Do you think Japan will be able to get everything in place?
“I'm not so worried about it, if the Japanese set up the goal that will be easier. The big challenge is how efficient Japan is going to prepare for this. Japanese government already has a heavy debt, how cost-efficient and how the total economy coming back, and how the financial health of the government is coming back. I think the total effort is a really big challenge. And I'm sure Japan could attain some kind of goals.”
Q. What's your assessment of the attitude of the public, of the ordinary Japanese citizen towards the 2020 games? Do you think everyone is excited about it and fully behind the government in this effort?

“Yes I talked with many friends around me and they are so excited about it. Because again, the Japanese people have been very stagnated after the very tragic issue and malfunctioning politics, everything. So it will be nice to be cheered up by the Olympic Games in the future. The common goal of sharing and making effort is a good part of the Japanese people. The Olympic Games is a peaceful but a serious competition with foreign countries and foreign people, but after the competition clearly making good friendship, good direction of national pride.”


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