Mobile Libraries in Burma Bring Books to Rural Communities

Democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi has launched Burma


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Mobile Libraries in Burma Bring Books to Rural Communities

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Democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi has launched Burma’s first mobile book library in Yangon as part of her focus on education.

Two buses with thousands of books travelled to 21 villages in the Kawhmu Township.

The mobile library also offers English language and computer classes.

Burma’s first mobile library came rolling into Sin Chan’s town square outside Yangon earlier this week.
With the support of the Daw Khin Kyi Foundation, the mobile library brings more than fifteen thousand books straight to the area’s youth.
As the children lined up for membership cards, the excitement could be felt in the air.

Dr Thant Thaw Kaung is the mobile library project manager.

“Unlike any other library, the bookmobile makes an impact on the locals because it goes straight to the readers. Everyone can be a member of the library, whether male or female, and regardless of ethnicity.”
The mobile will provide approximately 58,000 people with the opportunity to borrow books for free.

Residents say they have high hopes for the project.

Tin Own is one of the residents there.

“Thanks to Daw Khin Kyi Foundation’s bookmobile, children here can gain knowledge. We are very much obliged to the foundation’s bookmobile for being here for the children.”

Aung Sang Suu Kyi has lent her support to the project, saying that children's education will be one of her priorities as an elected politician.

The Nobel peace laureate won a parliamentary seat in Kawhmu in the 2012 by-election after nearly 15 years under house arrest.
Dr Thant Thaw, project manager of this mobile library said Burma faces many challenges, but the most important step is to draw the public's attention to the need for reading.

“I suggest that both children and adults read as much as possible. As we can’t manage all this work alone, I would like NGOs and social workers to join us in this work.”


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