Kautilya Pandit can answer complicated questions about world geography, per capita income, gross domestic product and global politics.


Senin, 18 Agus 2014 10:24 WIB


Jasvinde Sehgal


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A 5-year-old Indian boy has been given the title ‘Google boy’ by the local media for his incredible ability to remember facts. 

At an age when his friends are learning basic reading and writing, Kautilya Pandit can answer complicated questions about world geography, per capita income, gross domestic product and global politics.

Kautilya's analytical powers have left everyone spellbound.
At the morning assembly at the SD Harit Modern School, Kautliya’s presentation stands out above the rest.

He recites with ease a difficult passage from ancient Sanskrit literature, to the delight of the young audience.

Kautilya takes me to his class. It’s my chance to ask some questions…

Q: “How many people live in India?"
A: “Today there are 1.27 billion people, but in the census year of 2011, there were 1.21 billion."
Q: “How many villages are there in India?"
A: “638596.”
Q: “Who was the first human to walk on the moon?"
A: “Neil Armstrong."
Q: “What is the capital of the USA?"
A: “The capital is Washington D.C."

... and without fault, Kautilya answers the rest of my world trivia questions.

Kautilya has an IQ of 150, which according to psychologists is the same as Albert Einstein’s.

His mother Sunita Sharma, who also teaches at the school, says he has an incredible memory.

“He remembers each and every thing. His mind and body are always in the same place. He only rests when he sleeps, otherwise he is always active.”

His teacher Sarita says he clearly stands out from the other students.

“He posses a different and very intelligent brain. We try to answer his questions. If we don’t know, then we consult the internet. Once he’s satisfied with the answer, he never forgets.”

Word has got out about the boy’s abilities. 

And Dr Vandna Gupta, Principal of the DAV Centenary Public School, travelled 20 miles to invite Kautliya to give a speech at her school.

“The students of my school are very much excited about being able to meet Kautilya because they’ve heard about his genius. He’s so young but he knows everything. That’s amazing.”

Kautilya’s father, Satish Sharma, is the school principal.

He likes to test his son... this time, with questions about Indonesia.

Q: “He is from Indonesia, where is Indonesia?"
A: “It is surrounded by Malaysia and Singapore.”
 Q: “OK, What is the capital of Indonesia?"
A: “Indonesia's capital is Jakarta".
Q: “What are the main islands of Indonesia?"
A: “Borneo, Java and Sumatra but Java is small."

Satish Sharma is very proud of his son.

“Parents are only the caretakers of their children. The children belong to the country. We try to reply to all his questions and never ignore them.“

Like most boys his age Kautilya also loves dancing, enacting scenes from India films, and playing cricket.

But a recent TV show in which he appeared with famous Indian star Amitabh Bachan has shot him to fame.

His childhood is now very different from that of his friends.


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