Reizen: Noise or Music?

This will make you think twice about music. Some might cringe; some may wonder how it


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Ric Wasserman

Reizen: Noise or Music?

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This will make you think twice about music.

Some might cringe; some may wonder how it’s done when they hear the music.

But the 26-year-old Japanese Reizen decided to go off the beaten path.

“I was playing typical rock and pop but I got tired of doing the predictable,” he says. “I wanted to experiment with mood and feeling and different sounds.”

So Reizen struck out with an experimental group called Nerae, or ‘aim’.

He found his cue when he discovered the experimental musician Andrew Chalk and La Monte Young, known for their ‘drone music’.

“I never heard such music before. It has no melody, no rhythm, its not like techno, rock alternative music or hardcore. It was a unique experience.”

Drone music’ is defined as a minimalist musical style that emphasizes the use of repeated sounds or notes. Reizen followed but gave a new twist.

The tones are all played through his rewired guitar, in one take, in real-time. It’s basically modified feedback.

So you need to throw off your preconceived ideas of just what music is, or noise some would say, is, to grasp what Reizen is trying to say with his music.

Reizen took his music first in small circles in Japan, then it spread through Asia and Europe.

Henning Lindahl has been following the alternative music scene for 10 years and came to see his performance.

“It’s not easy to describe, but I’d say it’s some kind of poetry. It’s so far from what we usually relate to as music. There isn’t a beat; there isn’t a refrain or a chorus or anything. It’s just sound.  It’s slowly building and suddenly something crackles…an explosion. It’s like a jazz solo.”
Liisa Tolonen was involved in arranging Reizen’s European tour. The gig is promoted through her popular music website, Club Niubi, devoted on Asian alternative music.

But she doesn’t want to put any label to Reizen’s  music.

“As soon as you say experimental music or art music or sound art or something you instantly think that you have to overanalyze it. This is:  just take it in, and let it come out.”
For Reizen, music, or noisemaking, is a personal experience... a new way to communicate through sound.

“When I play I’m also a listener and a painter of images,” he explains. “But I see various, intense shapes and colours and blurry visions.”

“This music is more for people who want to wonder. For people who want to have a more imaginable world.“         


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