Volunteer Teachers Revolutionizing Poor Schools in Nepal

Bhawana is one of 49 volunteer teachers who are placed in low income schools in 25 schools in Nepal by the group Teach Nepal.


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Sunil Neupane

Volunteer Teachers Revolutionizing Poor Schools in Nepal

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In Nepal only 30 percent of students in public schools passed the school leaving certificate exam last year. But in private schools 93 percent of the students passed the exam.

To try and address the huge gap in the quality of teaching a former journalist set up a volunteer program that puts professionals into remote under resourced schools.

Bhawana Shrestha is a news reader who is use to performing in front of the camera. But today her audience is 20 grade seven students in a small community school outside of Kathmandu.

She is their volunteer teacher. 12 years old Denish Khatri says her teaching style is different.

“Her lessons are very hands on and we learn quickly.  She uses laptops, cameras, and shows us videos, pictures and other things. So her class is interesting and I never like missing school even when I am sick I come to school,”said Denish.

Bhawana is one of 49 volunteer teachers who are placed in low income schools in 25 schools in Nepal by the group Teach Nepal.

She is paid 155 USD a month to teach here in the Jyotidaya Secondary community school. 

“Being a volunteer teacher I get respect from them, I get love. The reason that I'm here is to change their perspective of learning and I'm doing that, ” said Bhawana.

Now she wants to say longer.

“I would like to extend it for one more year because I love it.  I think that they have changed in these two years. After one more year I will go back to being a journalist but I will focus on children and education,” explained Bhawana.

Teach for Nepal was also started by journalists and some educationalists.

Sishir Khanal heads the group.

“Children are attending school more regularly. They feel that they are learning better. Children feel more motivated,” said Sishir Khanal head of the group.
The principal of the Jyotidaya Secondary says the volunteer teachers have been a huge help.

“We can’t pay for really good teachers. But the teachers who have been provided to us from Teach for Nepal are very professional. They are dedicated. They have passion.”

At the Teach Nepal office, Priti Shrestha and 60 others are getting ready to do their teaching placement. She has just returned home to Nepal after doing her masters degree in human resources in India.

In May she will head out into the classroom.

“I really wanted to something like good for needy children. Education is only thing that can lead you towards a better life and to be a better person.”


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