Blind Indian Teenage Singing Sensation

Prerna Agarwal is autistic and blind but this has not stopped her becoming a singer sensation in India.


Selasa, 13 Jan 2015 09:51 WIB


Jasvinder Sehgal

Blind Indian Teenage Singing Sensation

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Prerna Agarwal is autistic and blind but this has not stopped her becoming a singer sensation in India.

When reporter Jasvinder Sehgal arrived at her house Prerna Agarwal is listening to a classic Hindi hit from the 70s while cuddling her favorite soft toy.

"My Teddy loves singing songs. He loves eating pasta and drinking orange juice. He wakes up earlier than me and also wakes me up every morning,” said Prena. 

Prerna then excitedly introduces her family. “My mother’s name is Punita Agarwal she is always in the kitchen busy cooking tasty food for me, my father is Umesh Agarwal, a businessman and manufacturer of pens and this is my brother Piyush agarwal,  an engineering student,” explains Punita.

Prerna’s father says he noticed her talent three years ago when one of his friends asked her to perform at a local event.

“He was very confident that Prerna will steal the show. She sang a popular religious number. That was her first performance. She sang it so beautifully that she got a thunderous applause and a standing ovation,” said Umesh Agarwal.

Her mother Punita Agarwal is confident that she will become a professional singer.  “She is obsessed with music. I can only say that she eats music and drinks music. If she is singing then neither she feels hungry and or thirsty. The other children demand breakfast when they wake up but my daughter just wants to turn on music,” said Punita Agarwal.

It was her appearance on the “Indian Idol Junior” that gained her international attention.  She was eliminated in the early rounds but the producers asked her to sing at the closing event.

“She performed in front of Chief guest judge Bollywood Actor Amitabh Bachchan. She performed in front of him and sang beautifully,” explains Umesh Agarwal.

Prerna says she wants to sing for her country and for the continent she lives in.

“It’s an honor to be part of Asia. The people of my continent will always move forward and will always accept challenges and not be defeated,” exclaims Prerna.


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