Asia Calling program on 11 June 2016

Thai journalists intimated and arrested, as the military regime limits press freedom. Carbon markets in China, and the first woman to lead a national orchestra in Afghanistan.


Senin, 13 Jun 2016 12:06 WIB


Kate Lamb

Asia Calling program on 11 June 2016

On the surface life seems to carry on as normal, but I’ve heard stories from Thai friends that people, even among their close friends, are scared of criticizing the military government even in private.

And these kinds of stories, this climate, is not really being reported by the foreign press. 

Well this week our correspondent investigates –  activists being followed, and journalists self-censoring – unsure of whether they are crossing some invisible line.

We’re also taking a look at carbon markets in China, and at the first woman to lead a national orchestra in Afghanistan. 


KBR percaya pembaca situs ini adalah orang-orang yang cerdas dan terpelajar. Karena itu mari kita gunakan kata-kata yang santun di dalam kolom komentar ini. Kalimat yang sopan, menjauhi prasangka SARA (suku, agama, ras dan antargolongan), pasti akan lebih didengar. Yuk, kita praktikkan!

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