Victims of the Bangkok Blast are Almost Forgotten

No one has visited this family of victim yet.


Sabtu, 12 Sep 2015 11:54 WIB


Kannikar Petchkaew

Victims of the Bangkok Blast are Almost Forgotten

Ja-Loh and his paralized wife. (Kannikar Petchkaew/Asia Calling)

Asia Calling, Bangkok - As the Thai government is tightening security after Bangkok Blast, some of the victims have been forgotten. Like 73 year old Ja-loh who lost his beloved daughter in the blast.

His daughter went to the shrine to pray for parents’ health that day. Ja-loh was at home when he heard about the news.
“I don’t want to live. I’d rather die, not her. I am willing to die if she could not come back,” he said.

Hindu shrine of Erawan in Bangkok was full of worshippers and tourists, and then suddenly… boom.

A bomb went off and killed 20 tourists and injured more than 120 people. Within three weeks, Thai police has arrested two suspects and is hunting for others. For the families of the victims, the government has prepared some compensation.

Spokesman of the National Council for Peace and Order, Winthai Suwaree said, “In case of the death of Thais, their descendants will receive 2,700 USD compensation. As for the tourists, the government will pay 2,700 USD for the injuries and 8,300 USD for the deaths.”

The government says it has sent different teams to different hospitals to visit victims.

Winthai added, “The Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Tourism and Sport, and the Minister of Social Development and Human Security sends officials to deal with all injured and deaths of family members  to help them in the documentation for the financial process.”

But no one has visited Ja-Loh yet. Ja-loh couldn’t go to hospital and his wife is paralyzed. They couldn’t even attend their daughter’s funeral…

“My wife and I are both old and ill. Our daughter took us here to live closer to her and now she’s gone, left us here with nowhere to go,” he said.

Ja-loh’s other child is now taking care of them. He said he could really make use of the compensation money from the government to continue their lives. 


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