‘Yuvraj,’ India’s champion breeding buffalo

In India a champion breeding buffalo named ‘Yuvraj” is a hit at animal shows. He is 10 feet long, 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs almost one thousand pounds.

Kamis, 01 Des 2016 17:26 WIB

The prize winning bull Yuvraj with his owner (Photo: Jasvinder Sehgal)

The prize winning bull Yuvraj with his owner (Photo: Jasvinder Sehgal)


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In India a champion breeding buffalo named ‘Yuvraj” is a hit at animal shows. He is 10 feet long, 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs almost one thousand pounds.

The bull is so popular some have even offered to buy him for exorbitant amounts.

Jasvinder Sehgal meets the bull and his owner in the Rajasthani city of Jaipur. 

Transcript - 

Musicians are beating their drums at the Global Rajasthan Agri-tech meeting here in Jaipur.

The beat quickens in the lead up to a special announcement. The arrival of a magnificent beast.

His body is shining; and nostrils wet, and he is chewing on large green leaves.

Meet “Yuvraj” the giant bull taking India by storm.

Height, weight, and length - Yuvraj is a giant in all measurements. Almost twice the size of a normal bull. 48 year old Karamveer Singh is his owner.  

“He drinks 20 kilograms of milk and eats 15 kilos of fruit every day. He is fond of dry fruits too. Apart from this he also eats large quantity of greens, dry fodder and concentrates,” Karamveer explains. 

“He walks three miles every day to exercise. He bathes twice a day after getting massaged by mustard oil. So I spend almost 70 dollars on him each day.”

But the bull is not a financial liability. Yuvraj earns more than what is spent on his keep.

“The semen of Yuvraj is taken once in a week at a frozen semen bank,” explains Karamveer.

“Between 700 and 900 doses of artificial insemination are prepared from one ejaculation. I sell these doses from my home. The farmers, dairy owners and semen traders come to my house to buy the semen of my bull.”

Karamveer continued, “I earn $120 000 a year by selling his semen. By this earning I am able to rear my other animals. His semen has produced 250 thousand calves.”

Yuvraj also earns money by winning different buffalo and livestock contests, collecting up to five thousand dollars each time.

Karamveer says that his home is filled with trophies won by Yuvraj.

“He has been judged the best animal 17 times in different national level animal shows.”

“People from different parts of world like Brazil, Latin America, South Africa, and Venezuela come to see him. He has been offered a price of $14 000 but I will never sell him,” vowed Karamveer.

Many have come to see Yuvraj and are curious abut how much he is worth.

Animal husbandry experts say Yuvraj is the type of animal that is born once in a blue moon.

Cows are the most sacred animal for Hindus. And many in India worship the animals.

Among them is 30-year-old Barun Yadav, who takes Yuvraj to his village every year, as part of a government-funded initiative.

“In my community we have a tradition of worshipping cows, especially bulls. I take Yuvraj to my village every year to worship him. He will bring good luck to us,” said Yuvraj. 

“Half a million people worshipped him this year.”

India is home to more than half of the global buffalo population and is the world’s top milk producer.

But bulls like Yuvraj are a one of kind, cash cow.



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