ISIS Fear Among Pakistanis

When the slogan ‘long live the Islamic state’ was scrawled near a wall near his shop he was worried.

Senin, 20 Apr 2015 08:10 WIB



30 year old Mansoor Shah runs a shop in one of the busy streets in Peshawar.

When the slogan ‘long live the Islamic state’ was scrawled near a wall near his shop he was worried.
“There is great fear among the businessmen soon after the graffiti. The businessmen are afraid that we will be confused as ISIS supports. ISIS is a symbol of fear and terror,” he said.
Pamphlets have also been distributed in Afghan refugee camps in the province which call on people to stand with the Islamic state (ISIS) to fight Americans and other infidels out of Afghanistan.
“Some Taliban militants have joined ISIS and they are starting to get a foot hold in our region,” said Sardar Babak the former Education Minister of the region.

In an online video a woman requests the mothers of Pakistani police, army personnel and university students to send their children with them to fight for Islam.
“We have been threatened at night. We don’t know what will happen to us but we know only one thing that we are responsible of ourselves and we have come out for Allah and we will not resist to sacrifice our lives for Allah if needed be. We will never retreat if we are asked for our own lives,” she cries in the video.
The video is believed to be from Islamabad because video used name of the Lal Masjid or the Red Mosque.
Videos like this make Nasreen Bibi a college student in Peshawar nervous.
“I heard about ISIS from media and it makes me frightened to hear the stories what they have been doing in Iraq and Syria especially to women. Women are being stopped from getting an education and their schools have been blown up already. ISIS will make things worse for us,” she said.
The so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is also known as al Dawlah al Islamiyah fi al Iraq wal Shâm or DAISH.
Professor Ibrahim is a political leader belongs to Jumat Islami he was chosen by the Taliban to talk on their behalf with the government.

He is worried about the group coming to Pakistan.

“ISIS kills innocent people. A person does not know why he is killed while the killer does not know the reason why he kills people. It is the situation. I guess the ISIS would do the same which they have done in Iraq and Syria if they would come to Pakistan. God forbid if they would come here,” he said.


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